November 15-17, 2021
The International Centre • Toronto, ON

Canadian Telecom Summit Blog #1

RogerPerryman headshot circle    Roger PerrymanIndependent Consultant, Advisory Board Chair

How far we have come, and the next quantum transformational leap we can make with Agile 5G Networks, Edge Compute, Cloud, AI, and Automation driven by Canadian Industry leading talent across numerous stakeholders and investors done in a partnership alliance fashion.


How close was the above US researcher and musing prognosticator in predicting the future back in 1953?

What is the next wave of “art of the possible” but this time grounded in fundamental rationale learned over the last 50 years of digital progression?

Let’s explore the “art of the possible” services for consumer and business both public and private enabled by 5G intelligent networks, edge computing, AI, and distributed open API orchestration.

The greatest share of the technology enabled rewards (economic, commercial or social) will always go to those businesses, organizations, or public that have a clear vision, are ready lead and willing to partner and act quickly.  The 5G winners are those that partner, work as a team, and that skate to where the puck will be…

“5G is more than just a generational step; it represents a fundamental transformation of the role that mobile technology plays in society and business. As demand for continuous connectivity grows, 5G is an opportunity to create an agile, purpose-built network, alongside AI and automation, tailored to the different needs of citizens and the economy.” Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA

According to GSMA, we will have in the range of 1.5 Billion 5G connections in 2025 out of a global 8B population with industrialized nation penetration ranges of 20-50%.

Let’s collaborate amongst government (rural, urban, regional, provincial, and federal layers), service providers (National Multi-Service, National Facilities, Regional Facilities, ISP’s, Web players, and Global SaaS players), Interested Adjunct Digital Industries, Academic and Research Institutions, Broker Associations, Incubation Accelerators, Established Solution Providers, Intelligent Integrators, Financiers, and the Dynamic startup communities.

With all the different interests and objectives, the complexity of the landscape, and the large investment requirements, we must partner in bilateral valued alliances and group consortiums to discover, evangelize, think critically, prioritize, jointly fund to share, and operationalize at scale digital solutions based on the new world technology that are made in Canada, impact economic development and GDP, create talent, help solve environmental issues, provide a safer more secure country, and appropriate societal impacts.

With the enabling currencies of speed, low latency, protected service separation, enhanced seamless handovers, improved location pinpointing, customer and mobile volume, mobility speed of movement, energy reductions, distributed intelligence, and improved service deployment timelines; we must take advantage in a calculated focused approach.

At the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the venue and fan 5G experience with proliferate into real time UHD multi feeds, AR/VR mixed devices, infotainment and athlete event interactions.

How about to name a few?

  • Healthcare – Remote Patient Care, Mixed Reality for Training and Collaboration, Intelligent Automated Healthcare Facilities
  • Entertainment – Gaming experience UHD Video plus Immersive Mixed Reality experience, Integrated TV Applications
  • Tourism – Real Time interactive multi-media fan and guest experience for venues, sports, concerts, exhibitions
  • Education – Corporate Talent Development and Academic Education with remote Mixed Reality capabilities
  • Rural Environmental– Smart Energy creation and delivery, Intelligent Agriculture, Waterway Control, and Virtual Accessible Health Services for Seniors, Veterans, Etc.
  • Remote Telework – Centralized to De-centralized Organizational Collaboration no different than in person reality
  • Remote Field Workers - Telematics, Haptic Control, Omni-Location, and Management for Planning, Surveillance, Engineering, Predictive Maintenance, and Operations in Mining, Oil, Gas, Energy, Telecom, and Municipal Sectors
  • Public Safety – Surveillance, Crime Prevention, School and Place of Worship Safety, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Services, Next Generation 9(X)11, Rescue
  • Robotics and Automation - Production Line, Predictive Maintenance, Quality, Safety, Supply Chain Mechanization, Worker Collaboration and Training for Industrial, Distribution, and Supply Chain
  • Ports and Yards – Efficient, Automated, and Environmental movement of Goods
  • Smart Mobility - Autonomous Vehicles, Fare/Toll Management, Traffic Control, Parking Management, Pedestrian Interaction, Ride Share Multi-Modal, Drones
  • Retail and Delivery – The Shopping experience of the Future, Reinvigorate Brick and Mortar
  • Smart Home -
  • Smart Communities – Public Works, Water, Sewage, Garbage, Air, Lighting, Weather, Surveys, Information Kiosk, and Digital Twin Simulation, Green Buildings
  • Community ISP – Hotspots, Seniors, Affordable Housing, Not for Profit, Edge Data Centers for Innovation, Startups, and Low Latency Service Delivery
  • Agriculture – Environmental, Dairy/Livestock, Monitoring, Green Green Houses

I hope you can come and joins us at the 2020 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto, June 15-17th so we can put some meat on the above bones, flush out the priority, find the money, and right group of committed partners.


Let’s work together.

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